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Tattoo Removal Packages and Specials

Costs are per laser treatment and are measured in square inches.
Treatments start at $99 for small tattoos under 1 square inch. This includes ring tattoos, small facial tattoos, tear drops, etc..

Tattoo Removal Prices

Our Best Value

Although most clients find that paying for their treatments as they receive them convenient, we do offer a 25% discount for those that choose to purchase a package of treatments. Buy 3 treatments upfront, receive 1 free treatment. Buy 6 treatments, receive 2 free treatments. (this is only valid if treatments are paid for in advance).

Multiple Tattoo Discounts

We now offer multiple tattoo discounts to those clients that wish to have more than one tattoo removed.  Basically we have a "buy one treatment get the second 1/2 off" and a "buy two get one free" promotion.  All pricing will be determined by the specialist at your Free Consultation.
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Refer-a-Friend Promotion

Attention Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal clients: When you Refer a Friend that buys a treatment package, you can enjoy 10% off your next scheduled appointment. Multiple referrals means multiple discounts, so tell a friend!

tattoo removal processSpecial Removal Events

Atlantic Laser Tattoo is a leader when it comes to giving back to the Hampton Roads community and are founders of Virginia G.R.I.P (gang removal incentive program). This youth outreach program is intended to help ex-gang members rid themselves of gang related tattoos and get a fresh start in life. Each month, Dr. Zhitar and his team at Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal donate their time and provide free tattoo removal to young men and women trying to make these changes. All applicants must show a willingness to give back by providing community service in exchange for laser tattoo removal. We hold annual events and donate to the S.P.C.A, J.T. Walk (A.L.S.), and numerous others.

If you are interested in more information please inquire at Please include pictures of your tattoos and info on your journey to be gang free.