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Tattoo Cover-Ups

Cover Up Example Another option for many people that have unwanted tattoos is to have them covered up with another tattoo. This process is done by a tattoo artist at a tattoo shop. This is an affordable way of disguising a tattoo but unfortunately, it does come with some drawbacks. There are two rules of thumb when getting a tattoo cover-up. First, the new tattoo usually has to be at least 2-3 times the size of the original tattoo in order for the artist to blend out or camouflage the original. Second, the new tattoo will have to be a color that is equal to or darker that the original for obvious reasons.

A rather new approach to tattoo cover-ups has been applying laser treatments to the original tattoo prior to getting the cover-up. This process is done to lighten the original tattoo a few shades, giving you and the artist more options for the cover-up. Tattoo shading for cover-up tattoos has really become popular because of the great new options in tattooing that it has created. Before laser treatments were available as an option for cover-up tattoos, most people would just have to make due with a new tattoo that was usually big and black. All tattoo magazines now have "tattoo cover-up" sections in them, with before and after pictures documenting the transformation process. Tattoo conventions worldwide have added categories like "best cover-up tattoo", where artist will use live models to tattoo. During the day, convention goers can watch these artists tattoo their clients, showing off new techniques and approaches to tattoo cover-ups. With the addition of laser treatments, artists can now come up with new and exciting ways of tattooing that was not available before.

Before and After photos of Tattoo cover-ups

  • Before
  • After 2 Treatments
  • Linework
  • After

Cover Up Example 2Laser treatments for cover-up tattoos are done by certified professionals in tattoo removal clinics or medical skin care centers. The process is the same as if you were going to remove the tattoo completely, although it will take far less treatments. In fact, tattoo shading for cover-up tattoos can be done in as little as 1-3 treatments. Depending on what your desired tattoo is, your tattoo artist should be able to give you an idea of how much he needs it shaded down for the cover-up. Most laser treatment providers should offer a free consultation to clients that wish to seek their options regarding the tattoo shading process. At the consultation, you will be able to get information on pricing and how many treatments are going to be needed to achieve the desired results. At Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal we are also able to fade tattoos to make way for a new replacement tattoo. Your specialist will assist you in determining what is right, for you, at your Free Consultation.  

Tattoo cover-ups using laser treatment is a exciting new and affordable way for people to approach tattoo regret. Understandably, not all people with tattoo regret are "anti tattoo" people. Even though some clients may wish to remove their unwanted tattoos completely, others may dislike just one of their tattoos. People with multiple tattoos, especially people that have tattoos that are ecceptonially done, usually have one or two that the don't care for. Most of the time, these unwanted tattoos are people's first tattoo or a tattoo that they got when they were younger. Sometimes these tattoos have been done by unexperienced artists or even done homemade. As the art of tattooing is taking on a new era, artists are becoming more experienced and more talented. Advancements in tattoo machines and tattoo inks are expanding, and so are possibilities that they are creating. Tattoo cover-ups and lightening with laser treatments is another one of these advancements.