Oops! Impulsive Tattoos and Laser Tattoo Removal

When you feel passionately about something or someone it is only natural to want to show it! The same goes for a die-hard Cowboys fan who decided to take his loyalty to the next level. This young man with a Cowboys symbol and the words, ” Super Bowl 51 Champions “, tattooed on his arm is representing his favorite NFL team with pride […]

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New Year…New You!

It is pretty common for people to set goals or resolutions for the new year. This year, everyone should sit down and think about all the time, money, and energy expended on tedious hair removal methods. Whether you are consistent with your wax appointments or you live by the razor every day, the need for something a little less […]

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Skin irritation that improves with Laser Hair Removal.

We all have more than enough experience with razor burn or ingrown hairs or both! These skin irritations can be tremendously improved with simple laser hair removal treatments. The way laser hair removal works is by damaging the hair follicle and the process of recreating that hair follicle. This happens in stages. First the hairs begin […]

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Laser Hair Removal…Why more men are doing it!

It is known that the ladies pay particularly close attention to their bodies however, the laser hair removal professionals are starting to see more and more men through their doors. There are plenty of reasons for one to get laser hair removal. Men in particular have some very good reasons, especially if they have to […]

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Tattoos and Laser Hair Removal.

It is pretty common knowledge that when thinking about getting a tattoo you should put some major thought behind it. Recently, I have had the pleasure of meeting an individual who decided to do a little prepping before finishing her sleeve. That is where Vaderma Laser Hair Removal comes into play. With the right machine […]

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Lighten your tattoo for a cover-up

There has been a large rise in clients lightening tattoos for a new tattoo. It can take as little as 1-3 treatments to lighten a tattoo for a cover-up. Why lighten a tattoo before getting a cover up? More often than not, we have people come in with cover-ups where the underneath tattoo has started […]

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