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Tattoo Removal Glossary

Although tattoos were once deemed permanent additions, due to new advancements in technology and techniques that is no longer true. Laser tattoo removal is the most effective way of removing those unwanted tattoos.

At Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal, we are dedicated to providing our clients with all of the information necessary to making an informed decision on having a tattoo removed.

Below is a glossary of common terms, used when discussing laser tattoo removal.

Anesthesia – a substance used to block the feeling of pain or other sensations

Antibiotic – a pharmaceutical that inhibits or eliminates the growth of bacteria, fungi, or protozoa

Color – the frequency of visible light; a phenomenon of light that enables differentiation of objects

Cryosurgery- a surgical procedure where liquid nitrogen or other liquid is applied to skin and layers are peeled away

Cynosure Affinity QS laser - a Q-switched Nd:YAG dual frequency laser designed specifically for laser tattoo removal

Dermal Cryo Chiller-a process where cold forced air is applied to the skin during a laser treatment to minimize discomfort

Dermabrasion – a cosmetic medical procedure where layers of the skin are removed by sanding with abrasives

Excision- a surgical process where a tattoo is cut out of the skin using a scapel and then sutrered with stitches

Hydroquinone -an ingredient in some "tattoo removal creams" that is already banned in Japan, France, and England for being linked to cancer developing ingredients

Hyper-pigmentation – excess pigmentation/color

Hypo-pigmentation – loss of pigmentation/color

Laser – an acronym meaning “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”; in tattoo removal, a light of a specific wavelength to remove particular colors is passed through a gain medium and amplified, then directed towards the tattoo pigment

Pigment – a substance used in coloring – in a tattoo, the most common pigment is black, but thousands can be mixed

Professional Tattoo - a tattoo applied at a professional tattoo studio by trained staff with professional equipment

Tattoo – also known as dermal pigmentation – is a mark on the body

Tattoo Removal – a procedure to remove unwanted tattoos – most recently using highly-specific lasers to break up tattoo ink

Tattoo Removal Clinic -a clinic that specializes soley in the advanced procedure of laser tattoo removal

Tattoo Cover Up -this is the process of covering up an unwanted tattoo with a new tattoo. Laser treatment is sometimes used to help lighten the area to be re-tattooed

Wavelength – the distance between two crests or troughs of a wave of light – laser tattoo removal uses several different wavelengths to address different colors of tattoo ink